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Conflict in Middle East Region, Qatar vs Saudi Arabia

Recently, diplomatic problem raise up between Arabian countries where Saudi Arabia and their three biggest alliances, Bahrain, Egypt, and Uni Emirate Arab (UEA), has confirmed that they were breaking diplomatic relationship with Qatar. The problem was caused by Qatar’s state run news when they published a fake article stated that Qatar is helping the biggest radical Islamic group in the world, ISIS, and Qatar.’ ruling emir was quoted praising Israel and Iran. As a result, Saudi Arabia and its alliances hang up the air, sea, and land travel from and to Qatar. A longstanding war between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has exploded more than diplomatic warfare, but also threatening US led fight against ISIS and setting off instability in Gulf region where countries such Yemen, Libya, and Maldives also joined Saudi Arabia to diplomatically boycott Qatar (Aleem, 2017).
As a richest oil and gas country, Qatar will feel the pain because Uni Emirate Arab block the trade and travel in and out of Qatar where Qatar also relies on their neighbors for its trading activities. A lot of ship transporting food to Doha stopped in UEA’s big cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it still remain uncertain what will be the effect from the UEA’s bans on their movements. The tension between those countries are not recently happening, nevertheless both countries have been raised into extraordinary level of breaking off diplomatic relationship and travel blockade. This conflicts also sketched Qatar’s determination on pursuing their independent policy, containing agreements with Iran, where the country is competing against Saudi Arabia for Influence in the region (Venkataramakrishnan, 2017).  

Objective of The Paper
Qatar’s agency have been hacked by unauthorized hackers where stated that Qatar is financially help biggest radical Islamic group in the world in running terrorism activities. When the news published and came into Saudi Arabia, UEA and its alliances decided to suspend Qatar from any kind of travel activities and break the diplomatic relationship among them. Therefore, this paper will entirely discuss about the detail conflict itself, parties being involved directly and indirectly to the conflict, how does the countries negotiate to find the solution for the problem, as well as the conclusion and recommendation to overcome the Middle East region’s conflict.

Analysis and Literature Review
As stated in the introduction part, the parties being involved directly in Middle East region’s conflict are Saudi Arabia and its alliances against Qatar. Saudi Arabia is the party who decided to break diplomatic ties with Qatar because of fake issues stated that Qatar royal family have intentionally supporting terrorist and backing Iran when a whole Arabian countries united against it. On the other side, Qatar is the party who feel the pain due to Saudi Arabia’s suspension on every travel routes and Gulf States are turning away from Qatar. Moreover, there is the biggest indirectly party who involve in this conflict which is United State of America and their president, Donald Trump. White House have informed that Trump was hoping to scale back recent situation in Gulf region and hoping both parties come together to bring Gulf states in right track. Trump also decided to do his first international trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to show his support on Arabian countries against terrorism. In his speech, Trump underlined that Arabian countries must certify that Terrorist have no reserve on their land (Hodali, 2017). However, what Trump doing in Riyadh was make the troublesome dual role for Qatar for US in its fight against Terrorism in Middle East because Qatar was becoming complicated challenges for US itself. On one side, US know Qatar is a potential source of support in funding radical group considers as terrorists associations, such as ISIS. On the other side, it also help the Pentagon to control bases in territory to serve as intermediary among US and Islamic groups across regions. This means that US are willing to work with Qatar out of a belief that positives overshadowed by clear negatives, including unofficial support of US for militant and radical activities in Middle East region (Aleem, 2017).
On the basis of negotiation, Qatar was try to negotiate with Arabian countries to cut off the suspension on Qatar. Qatar are trying to negotiate by discovered a concrete evidences to influence Saudi Arabia and its alliances that Qatar are not supporting Islamic Radical Group in Middle East. For instance, Qatar supported Muslim brotherhood in Egypt during Arab spring ultimately came a cropper when brotherhood government was collapsed by the military soon after the revolution. As many point out, it is not Qatar’s support for radical Islamic groups that has infuriated Saudi Arabia. It is the fact that Qatar does not support the same things as them led to the recent conflict (Venkataramakrishnan, 2017). As a huge natural gas reserve, Qatar try to negotiate Saudi Arabia to cut off the bans because Qatar cannot operate independently without Saudi Arabia. The location of Qatar is comprehensively dependence on crossing its border with Saudi Arabia. As a result of suspension was sent Qatar into panic situation because Qatar stock was falling down and local residents rushed to local markets to stock up on supplies (Cooper, 2017). As the consequences faced by Qatar, the right negotiation can be the best solution to calm down the tension among both countries and make strong diplomatic relationship between Saudi Arabia and Qatar as before.
Furthermore, cultural approach will slightly help to overcome the conflict among both parties. As largest country in Gulf state, Saudi Arabia has advocated common regional policies under its cultural leadership. Nevertheless, rapid development of oil and gas in Qatar has allow the country leftover the capital to create their own global influence. It means that in term of cultural relationship, both countries are demanded each other to influence other countries in Arab region. Moreover, Qatar ambitious development has included opening its society into global cultural, educational, and business influences. Qatar also have been chosen as a host country for 2022 World Cup. Qatar also has emphasized its intention to work with global partner, included Saudi Arabia, which can be beneficial not only for Qatar itself but also for surrounding Gulf region. Therefore, Qatar has intended cultural foreign policy to resolve the conflict by mediating among Islamic groups and Arab Government. While some view have criticized those policy, Qatar could argue that this mediating strategy through cultural policy is the best solution to overcome conflict because inhibiting Islamic political opposition has not worked (Mednicoff, 2017).
Based on the given evidences above, I am quite sure that will be the winner party in this negotiation because the measures of Arab nation to cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar was unjustified. Arab nations justified their decision based on allegation and claims only where fake news published that Qatar was supporting Islamic radical groups without basis in fact. Moreover, cutting of diplomatic ties and suspending borders is not best solution to resolve the conflict, whereas, it can cause instability problem. Therefore, Qatar use their power to negotiate and sit together to address the differences among Arab countries, because Qatar also aimed in helping Gulf Cooperation Council stay united (Al Jazeera Media Network, 2017). As the biggest country in Gulf region, Saudi Arabia has their power to influence Arab countries with their regional policies under its leaderships. However, Qatar can still win the negotiation in this conflict, because the rapid development of massive oil wealth. Qatar have improves their nations as a biggest country in exploring oil and gas, which allow the country to excess capital to establish their own global influence. Therefore, Qatar can influence their power to humiliate the regional influenced policy of Saudi Arabia leadership (Mednicoff, 2017).

Moreover, the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia can be solved with the help of third party as a mediator. As a neutral country, UEA believe that Indonesia as a best mediator to help intercede d the diplomatic country between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, UEA believe that Indonesia is a very kind country and having a good relationship with all countries in the world. Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have contacted by the UEA minister and given some message for Indonesia. UEA minister stated that Indonesia will be the best mediator during the negotiation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia because Indonesia have equal position in term of external politic and will give the best contribution for creating peace in the world. This means, Third party will play significant roles during the negotiation of both conflicted parties. Third party will listen to the problems, gathering all the best alternatives offered by both conflicted parties, and try to figure out the win-win solution where both conflicted parties can resolve the problem and feel happy with the solution (Hanggoro, 2017).

Conclusion and Recommendation
In conclusion, the beginning of Middle East conflict started when Saudi Arabia, as large country in Gulf Region, influenced other by using regional policies under its leadership which created a high tension among the Arab countries. Then, there is an unauthorized news stated that Qatar, as a richest country, supporting and financing the Islamic radical groups such as ISIS. Spontaneously, Saudi Arabia get angered because they were fighting against those radical groups and try to influence other Arab countries to break off diplomatic ties by suspending Qatar from land, sea, and air travel. As a result, Qatar will feel the pain because the country is not able to operate their trading activities and start causing the decreasing in Qatar’s stock. Then, Qatar try to sit together with Saudi Arabia in term of negotiation to overcome the problem and find the win-win solution. So, negotiation is expected to re-improve diplomatic relationship between Qatar and Saudi Arabia as usual.
At last, I would like to recommend that Qatar and Saudi Arabia should use Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) during the negotiation process. BATNA is critical in the negotiation process because both Qatar and Saudi Arabia cannot make a wise choice to accept negotiated covenant without knowing the alternatives. On the other term, if Qatar offered agreement is better than Saudi Arabia’s BATNA, means Saudi Arabia have to accept the agreement deals. However, if Qatar offered agreement that are not even better than Saudi Arabia BATNA, means Saudi Arabia have to reopen the negotiation for Qatar to improve the agreement (Spangler, 2012). As my recommendation, I expected that BATNA will help the negotiation process to solve the conflict and re-improve the diplomatic ties among both countries.


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Leadership "Learning from The Expert"

The Great Leader of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
Nguyen Tat Than or well known as Ho Chi Minh is popular Vietnamese Communist Leader. In 1945-1969, Ho Chi Minh was became the first president of Democratic Republic of Vietnam and he was a principal leader who lead Vietnam people to struggle against French colonial rule after the tragedy of World War II. He has dedicated himself to fight for the national freedom, happiness, and wealth of the Vietnamese. It is indubitable that Ho Chi Minh was one of the important contributors in the improvement of Vietnamese politics. He was devoted as communist and nationalist who has highest goal to achieve a united and independent country of Vietnam nation after periods of oppression and occupation. Moreover, there are some Ho’s actions that made Ho Chi Minh respected as a leaders such as; Ho Chi Minh inspired nationalist and communist worldwide while exasperating the United State, played the leading role in ending French Occupation in Vietnam, and Led Vietnamese force fighting and defeating United State army in Vietnam War. Besides that, there are some leadership skills that can be a direction for 21st century are also shown.

Owning the main motives and traits is a requirement for any individual to become a great leader and Ho Chi Minh is one of the example of it. He has a motive that moves a person to actions. This motive gained from his father because Uncle Ho’s father was became a strong nationalist who understood that Vietnam belong to Vietnamese. Ho also has the same main motives like his father and through this motive ho gained people respect and loyalty which his leadership demanded. He also was eager to admit the challenges he faced as a leader, either by choice or situation. He shown his confidence that he could work well with other people and bring together a team to solve any problems might lie ahead without exception. Ho’s self-confidence are more probably to be conclusive, which help him to extended Vietnamese confidence in his decision. This is very critical for the effective implementation of a decision, and through his self-confidence Ho Chi Minh was successfully got victory from United State in Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh also understand that an effective leader must be flexible to face the hasty challenges and vigorous changes. He believe that a leader without flexibility may become a set in their ways, Vietnam will be isolated with fixed ideas and are not able to adapt with changes.

Moreover, Ho is kind of charismatic leader shown from his greatest influence during communications, particularly when he delivering his inspirational speech to motivate people in Vietnam. He has high level of power and emotional impact on his audience. Ho Chi Minh nurture around his charismatic cult because he inspire Vietnamese with his political charisma and projects the image of humble, simple and obsessive leader who puts a great touch of understanding in everything he does. In addition, Ho Chi Minh also was prove the Myths of leadership stated that leader are born, not made. He is as intellectual and excellent person that have a lot of knowledge about politics, society and so on, also his experience can intellectually motivate people in Vietnam to be aware and understand of the country issues.

In my point of view, Ho’s leadership is very mysterious. On one side, he motivated on how his followers expresses the goal of independence that can make his followers can take actions to accomplish it means. His leadership also can be considered as the worldwide due to his experience of learning in all around the world with the combination of most of his follower that usually poor farmer with slight or even no education at all. Ho Chi Minh also play significant roles in guiding Vietnam politics today as principle of Vietnamese government and formally promotes it as a country ideology. Moreover, He also had become charismatic leader not only in Vietnam, but also internationally. He has big reputation as nationalist hero but the charismatic cult has make him famous as a simple living old leader who show great wisdom in anything he did. Simply to say that Ho Chi Minh is an effective leader who has big leadership motivation and the desire to influence others. 

Great Leader is Inspiring and Motivating His Followers to move and Take action for Their Country

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"Quotes of the Day From Leadership Class"

" Good Leadership, Good Company's Culture, Good Company's Performance."
"Remain Silent doesn't means you doing nothing"

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Success in Early Career – Changing Your Mindset

HI Friends!!

Senang banget nih akhirnya aku bisa bergabung sebagai menteenya Mba Maya dan bisa ikut aktif nulis berbagai macam kegiatan seminarnya beliau. Belum genap seminggu aku dinyatakan syah sebagai tim penulis blog pribadi Mba Maya. Selain bisa mengikuti seminar Mba Maya secara gratis, bergabung menjadi menteenya Mba maya juga memberikan aku banyak pengalaman yang baru, memperluas gagasan, dan membuka ruang komunikasi yang lebih luas lagi. Eits sebelum cerita lebih jauh lagi, bro and sis pasti udah tau dong siapa itu Mba Maya? Apa? Masih ada yang ga tau siapa orang kece yang dari tadi aku bahas? Oh My God come on, coba deh kamu kepoin aja website pribadinya mba maya di sini ye guys.

Alright, kita langsung sharing nih apa aja pengalaman inspiratif yang aku dapet di acara workshopnya mba maya. Singkat cerita nih, 16 Januari 2017, aku langsung diajak ikut ke acara seminar Management Trainee Induction 2017 yang ketiga dengan tema My First Job yang diadakan oleh Danone Indonesia di Cyber 2 Tower. sebelumnya, Mba Maya juga pernah menjadi pembicara di Workshopnya Danone tahun 2015 dan 2016, jadi bisa dibilang ini adalah kali ketiga Mba Maya membagi wejangan inspiratif kepada para MT(Management Trainee).  Seru abis deh seminarnya. Apalagi nih ya, aku bisa ketemu sama puluhan orang luar biasa yang lolos sebagai MTnya Danone. Menurut informasi sih teman-teman, 56 orang MT yang beruntung dapet ilmu dari workshopnya Mba Maya ini telah lolos berbagai macam seleksi dan berhasil mengeliminasi kurang lebih 27.000 orang. WOW! Luar biasa keren pastinya. 

Ini foto sebelum aku, Mba Maya, and team sebelum workshop dimulai. Guess, anak baru yang mana coba?

Workshop dimulai sekitar jam 4 sore di Danone office Jakarta, dan ini juga pertama kalinya aku dateng ke kantor hebat sekelas Danone. Baru masuk kantornya aja nih guys, WEH, bener-bener keren. Banyak banget gambar-gambar di dinding yang mungkin emang sengaja ditempel di berbagai sudut buat mendtimulus ide-ide kreatif para karyawannya. Sekitar 50 MT yang lagi ikut training udah pada siap diruangan nih dan mereka pada pake slyer biru di lehernya sebagai tanda pengenal masing-masing. Mereka terlihat serius dan antusias dalam mengikuti cerita demi cerita inspiratif dari Mba Maya. Terus, cerita inspiratif yang kaya gimana ya yang dibahas Mba Maya di Workshop kali ini? Don’t worry, Guys! I have written carefully all the contents of the workshop. So, let’s take a look on it!
Working With End Objective.
Di dalam setiap pekerjaan yang kita lakukan, tujuan akhir adalah salah satu hal terpenting yang harus kita capai. Setiap perusahaan tentunya sudah menciptakan suatu sistem yang mana akan membantu karyawan mencapai tujuan tersebut. Nah, mereka yang baru mendapatkan pekerjaan pertamanya tentu harus berusaha extra untuk bisa memenuhi tujuannya dalam bekerja. Tapi itu semua ga sesulit yang kita bayangkan kok. Agar tujuan akhir yang kita harapkan tercapai, penting banget buat yang namanya bikin S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound). Anyway, di workshop kali ini juga Mba Maya kasih alternatif lain untuk mencapai tujuan akhir dalam bekerja.

1.      Do Your Home Work
Setiap perusahaan, apalagi peusahaan sekelas Danone, pasti memiliki tingkat tuntutan kerja yang tinggi. Banyak kemungkinan kita bakal kerja lebih dari jam operational kerja lainnya. Ketemu klien di minggu akhir, bawa pulang bahan presentasi esok hari, sampe menyusun pointer sampe larut malam adalah hal normal yang bakal terjadi kalau kita sudah masuk dan berkecimpung di dunia kerja. Penting banget nih bagi mereka yang baru bekerja untuk segara beradaptasi dengan situasi kaya gini dan bisa menyelesaikan tugas-tugas dengan baik. Kalau kamu menganggap pekerjaan rumah diluar kantor adalah beban dan mungkin akan menyita waktu pribadimu, coba pikir ulang prioritas dan jenjang karir masa depan kamu. Menyelasaikan perkerjaan rumah dengan baik dapat membantu kamu untuk menyerap banyk sumber informasi untuk menambah wawasan tentang dunia kerja. Karena pada dasarnya, tuntutan perusahaan yang tinggi akan setimpal dengan bayaran yang akan diterima.
2.      Learn Fast
Dalam hal ini, adaptasi adalah hal yang mungkin dapat membantu kelancaran dalam bekerja. Sangat penting bagi mereka yang baru mendapatkan pekerjaan pertamanya untuk beradaptasi secara cepat baik dengan suasana pekerjaan, rekan kerja, sampai budaya dan system yang berlaku di perusahaan. Dalam hal beradaptasi, keterbukaan dan kemampuan interpersonal adalah factor yang akan membantu mempercepat proses adaptasi. Factor lain yang dapat mempengaruhi kecepatan dalam beradapatsi adalah kecepatan belajar dalam bekerja. Untuk bisa mengikuti jalannya pekerjaan dalam sebuah perusahaan, setiap pekerja harus cermat mengamati kondisi sekitar dan cepat belajar dengan lingkungan sekitar perusahaan. Jadi penting banget nih ya buat diinget, hari-hari pertamamu dikantor selesaikan setiap tugas dengan baik dan berusahalah untuk mempelari bagaimana rekan kerja bekerja dan bersosialisasi satu sama lain. Karena hal ini akan memberimu gambaran tentang bagaimana sistem dan budaya di perusahaanmu bekerja.

3.      Know What Expected
Apapun pekerjaan yang kamu lakukan, kuasai bidang pekerjaanmu secara mendalam bukan hanya dari apa yang kamu dapatkan dari pekerjaan di kantor, tetapi juga diluar jam kerja. Penting juga untuk mempelajari ekspekasi perusahaan kepada setiap karyawannya, karena hal ini pula yang akan menunjang jenjang kerja kamu di dalam sebuah perusahaan. Kedengarannya sih ribet gimana gitu ya, tapi yakin deh saat kamu terjun didalamnya, kamu pasti akan merasakan sesuatu yang menyenangkan untuk mengeluarkan yang terbaik untuk mencapai ekspektasi perusahaan. Intinya, kerjakan apa saja yang ada dalam batas kemampuanmu untuk memastikan agar apa yang sudah kamu lakukan adalah yang terbaik yang dapat mencapai ekspektasi perusahaan meskipun hal tersebut dilakukan diluar jam kerja dan diluar job desk kamu sebagai karyawan. Menyenangkan!

Mba Maya lagi berbagi cerita inspiratif di depan puluhan MT Danone. Keren!
4.     Manage Your Boss
Dalam hal ini, interpersonal skill kamu lagi-lagi berperan penting di lingkungan kerja, terutama saat berhadapan sama boss. Sebagai karyawan, kamu tidak bisa memilih siapa atasan yang sesuai dengan keinginan kamu. Gimana pun karakter boss kamu di kantor, kamu herus bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan yang namanya bos, karena bagaimapun bos adalah orang yang memegang peranan penting dalam keberlangsungkan karirmu. Tenang aja, tidak semua boss se-killer yang kamu bayangkan kok. Tak perlu khawatir berlebihan, sampe ga bisa tidur semalaman, memikirkan cara untuk menghadapi boss kamu dikantor. Kamu Cuma harus mengasah kemampuan interpersonalmu agar mampu berkomunikasi dan beradaptasi dengan siapa saja. As simple as that.

Define Your Success
Ada pepatah yang mengatakan bahwa, “meraih sukses tak segampang membalikkan telapak tangan”. Bener banget tuh guys. Setiap orang mungkin punya definisi suksesnya masing-masing. Ada yang mendefinisikan suskes kalau sudah punya kepribadian (mobil pribadi, rumah pribadi), sudah punya tabungan di atas 1M di akun banknya, atau ada juga yang mendefinisikan sukses dengan hidup yang pas-pasan (pas butuh mobil ada, pas mau travelling ke luar negri ada). Yang pasti jalan menuju kesuksesan tersebut bukanlah jalan yang mudah. Coba saja kamu lihat para pendaki gunung yang hendak mencapai puncak. Mereka harus melewati jalan yang curam dan berliku yang membuat pendakian terasa semakin sulit. Ditambah lagi dengan godaan untuk menyerah ditengah jelan karena mungkin mereka mulai merasa lelah atau mulai merasa nyaman di tmepat peristirahatan dan melupakan tujuan akhir dari pendakian.
Begitu juga sama halnya saat kamu nanti mulai bekerja secara professional di sebuah perusahaan. Perjalanan menuju puncak karir tidak mungkin didapatkan dengan instant. Akan ada banyak rintangan yang harus kamu lalui dalam bekerja, tetapi saat kamu meraih kesuksesan yang kamu harapkan, kamu akan merasakan sesuatu yang tak dapat tergantikan oleh apapun karena mau telah meraihnya dengan keringat usahamu setiap hari. Intinya, kamu harus menjalani pekerjaanmu dengan integritas tinggi dan jujur tanpa pernah kehilangan keyakinan dan jati diri. Dan satu hal yang tidak boleh kamu lupakan adalah bersyukur. Kesuksesan yang kalian dapat tidak sepenuhnya berasal dari usaha mu sendiri. Ada peran Tuhan, orang tua, kerabat, dan orang lain yang mengispirasi dalam meraih kesuksesan. Dengan bersyukur, semua kesuksesan yang kita dapatkan akan terasa lebih nikmat dan mengingatkan bahwa semua kesuksesan yang kamu raih tidak dapat kamu nikmati sendirian
Semua mahasiswa yang baru lulus kuliah pasti dong ya mau banget yang namanya langsung dapet pekerjaan yang tetap. Nah, ada banyak perubahan yang mungkin dialami oleh banyak mahasiswa yang baru lulus kuliah dan mendapatkan perkerjaan pertamanya. Yang pertama banget nih, pasti terjadi perubahan di masalah waktu. Ya, yang biasanya dimasa kuliah masih banyak waktu buat kongkow-kongkow bareng teman di cafĂ© atau kantin kampus, mungkin akan sedikit berkurang setelah mereka masuk ke dunia kerja dimana mereka harus masuk kerja jam 8 pagi dan pulang jam 4 sore. Terus lagi nih, pasti terjadi perubahan yang cukup signifikan di masalah tanggung jawab, yang mungkin waktu kuliah cuma kutu-kutu (kuliah tugas – kuliah tugas), saat kerja mungkin akan lebih banyak projek, ketemu client, dan meeting yang tingkat tanggung jawabnya lebih besar. Dan yang paling penting nih, bagi mereka yang baru pertama dapet kerjaan, pasti banget ngerasain perubahan di financial mereka terutama masalah “UANG”. Yang dulunya waktu kuliah masih sering minta uang jajan sama mamah papah, udah ga bakalan lagi tuh kejadian kalau udah bekerja dan terima gaji apalagi gaji pertama kerja. Tapi inget ya guys, First Job bisa jadi batu pijakan pertama kamu menempuh hidup baru yang lebih menantang. (udah kaya orang nikahan aja ya). Biasanya, mereka bakal butuh 3 tahun untuk beradaptasi dengan First Job masing-masing. Tahun pertama pastilah tahun-tahunnya mereka yang baru mendapatkan pekerjaan pertamanya belajar tentang apa tugas mereka diperusahan. Tahun kedua adalah tahun dimana mereka mulai memberikan kontribusi nyata terhadap perusahaannya, kaya meningkatkan penjualan perusahaan atau mungkin mengurangi biaya produksi tanpa mengurangi mutu dan kualitas barang. Dan tahun ketiga ini nih yang bisa dibilang paling krusial, dimana mereka bakal ambil keputusan untuk tetap bekerja di perusahaan tersebut dan maintain their performance consistency atau mereka memutuskan untuk pindah mencari perusahaan yang lebih sesuai. Yang pasti nih ya, “Dream job is not literally exist in world, but you are the one who create your own dream job”. Ini adalah salah satu dari sekian kalimat keren dari seminarnya Mba Maya yang satu ini.  Kalimat yang sangat menginspirasi banget kan? Wajarlah, Mba Maya yang memulai karir pertamanya di IBM pasti udah banyak banget punya pengalaman-pengalaman yang luar biasa. Terakhir nih ya, kata-kata dari Mba Maya yang paling buat saya berkesan di seminar My First Job, “First job are like your first girlfriend or boyfriend. You can hate them, but you can’t never forget them. 

Ga lupa foto lagi setelah acara bareng Mba Maya and team.

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My name is Fariz Prasetya Kharismawan. Right now, i am still studying in one of the university in Indonesia. I make this blog for the first time with the purposes to share my writing about everything happen in my life. Nice to be a new blogger. 

have a good day